I’m Halldór Eldjárn and I make music, instruments and software. Constantly searching for new ways to approach art and creativity with technology. I’ve played drums from a young age, but started writing my own music and formed the electro-pop band Sykur in 2008. Sykur has released three albums, the newest is the 2019 release ‘JÁTAKK’.

With my solo material I write music that is electronic yet organic in texture. The album Poco Apollo, which is my first release as a solo artist, is originally an online generative music piece. It takes images from NASA’s photo library from the moon landings, and converts them in to ambient soundscapes. On the album I have made arrangements for string quartet, percussion and electronics, for a few of those songs. The result is programmatically generated music interpreted by humans.

I have collaborated with prominent Icelandic artists Björk and Ólafur Arnalds on music and tools aimed at bringing computer generation in to the artist’s creations. My passion an focus lies on the boundaries of human expression and inventing systems that assist creation of art.

On this page you can browse through some of the projects that I have created and collaborated in. Some of them are generative like Poco Apollo where you can listen to music generated from photos of the moon, others are collaborative where you connect with other people to create art: Paint Splatter, STRATUS and some mix old technology with new. If you want to get in touch, feel free to drop me a line at halldor(at)eldjarn.is.